How to unlock potential in existing Industrial spaces

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Co-written by Tim Edwards, National Director and Conor Maguire, Associate Director within the Project Leaders team at Colliers International 

It can be challenging for businesses to forecast future growth and build-in long term operational flexibility. Determining your spatial needs, based on your current operations and over the long-term can be difficult. As businesses grow, adopt strategies and initiatives to deliver operational efficiencies, emerging trends and technologies and focus on reducing total occupancy costs their spatial needs and requirements also shift. 

Relocating can quite often be thought of as the easiest solution to meet these changing paradigms or determined strategy. This can however, be a costly exercise and is not always the most efficient option. 

As Project Leaders, it is our role to work alongside businesses to assist them in taking a holistic approach, when identifying the best available options and most innovative solutions available, to maximise operational efficiencies, deliver long term savings and provide future growth & flexibility.

We take a collaborative approach with businesses when undertaking detailed analysis of their spatial requirements; drawing on our end-to-end Industrial market knowledge, proven capabilities and extensive operational and asset ownership expertise, to identify opportunities to unlock potential within an existing business space, or alternatively ensuring tailored and innovative property solutions are delivered when considering your new business space or spatial requirements.

Here are a few key elements we take into consideration when conducting a detailed analysis of your existing business space or spatial requirements:

1. Analysis of current operations

We assist with the completion of a comprehensive overview or your current warehousing operations, storage solutions, and functionality analysis to identify opportunities to unlock value, reposition or enhance existing assets, or ensure informed quantifiable decisions are delivered on new property or business space solutions. 

  2. Stay vs. Go Analysis

When completing stay vs. go analysis, it’s important to benchmark your current facility and warehousing operations, assess the impacts of increased operational efficiencies, storage volumes and operational functionality. It’s also important to consider or identify opportunities to incorporate emerging trends and technologies, as these may deliver opportunities for long term savings and growth within the existing footprint of your current business space requirements. We can also assist you with  quantifying the total costs for any modifications, repositioning or enhancements to existing assets, proposed new property or business space solutions.  

  3. Ideal Facility Assessment 

A detailed assessment of your ideal facility  will highlight areas where we can assist you with assessing opportunities to increase operational performance, maximise storage space utilisation, solutions and MHE travel distances, whilst also improving operational functionality and the movement of goods in and out of the facility.  

By completing this assessment, we can assist you with overlaying your ideal facility and operational functional requirements with those being delivered on new property or business space solutions to enable the completion gap analysis to identify any shortcomings that may be required to be included within lease or property negotiations and/or assessment of forecast or future CAPEX requirements.

Engaging a Project Manager to assist with the above analysis can result in operational savings, increased profitability and can bolster your existing resources in order to assist you undertaking these processes. We provide independent advice, leveraging industrial knowledge from other service lines within Colliers, such as Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Occupier Services and Leasing. We have experts in each market who understand the market movement and future trends. 

Speak to one of our experts today to explore how you can unlock the potential of your existing industrial space. 

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Tim Edwards

National Director | Victoria

Melbourne CBD

Tim has over 30 years’ experience in the commercial, industrial and logistics property across the Australian and ASEAN markets and sectors.

With a background in construction and design and almost 17 years at Frasers Property Australia, he has proven capability and expertise across all facets of property development from strategy, acquisitions, JV, ownership and funding structures. Tim also has a proven ability to provide tailored and innovative property solutions to meet changing customers’ needs, emerging trends and technologies and new market sectors.

As a National Director in Colliers Project Leaders team, Tim is committed to the outcomes of projects to ensure the clients and key stakeholder needs are fully understood and delivered.

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Conor Maguire

Associate Director

Sydney CBD

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