Accelerating change in place, space and pace in the new normal for occupiers

Strategies to thrive in a new world of work

As more economies and companies emerge from crisis mode and focus shifts to future plans, it’s become clear the workplace as we once knew it has to evolve. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated trends that were already in the process of reshaping the working environment: the rise of remote teams, enabled by connected technologies; the decentralisation of operations and the more flexible use of real estate resources; and a new emphasis on employee experience and well-being.

To address the challenges and seize the benefits of the new normal workplace, occupier strategies will need to change. Colliers’ WORK³ is a platform of research, advisory and services designed for a new era of work. We are helping companies cultivate workplaces and real estate portfolios that are not just fit for purpose in a period of recovery, but also deliver business performance, real estate efficiencies and employee productivity over the long term by navigating clients through change in work place, space and pace.


Over 70% of workers want to continue working from home part-time1

1Colliers Work From Home Survey


80% of employees feel they can be managed remotely


75% of workers meet online to collaborate

“The office will always play a vital role within the workplace. There is no doubt the office environment is the fundamental space for any business.  As we emerge from these conditions, we are presented with new opportunities for occupiers which allow us to reshape workspace strategies. Work3 is leading the industry into the future, accommodating occupiers and navigating them through this new world.”



Doug Henry
Managing Director, Occupier Services, Australia, Colliers International

“Workplaces are set to evolve in exciting ways, presenting new opportunities for businesses to optimise costs, build more flexible real estate portfolios and positively impact the health of employees. As a degree of certainty returns, it’s a good time for occupiers to assess the readiness of their real estate strategies to make the most of this new normal, to get ahead of change and accelerate success. The insights and services we’re offering clients through Colliers’ WORK³ service are designed to help them do just that.”



Sam Harvey-Jones
Managing Director, Occupier Services, Asia, Colliers International


  • Head office
  • Decentralised, split operations
  • Flexible workspace
  • Remote, working from home

Optimising the multiple locations of the work place

With remote working now a proven norm and flexible workspace options on offer to decentralise and de-risk essential workforces, the old boundaries of the workplace no longer need apply. More companies can take steps to reduce dependence and cost in core central business district offices, splitting and managing operations among multiple locations to mitigate risks, leverage geographical advantages and engage a broader talent pool.


  • Reduce costs and concentration risk by scaling down CBD headquarters and distributing the workforce
  • Enable and attract talent in remote locations through clouded working
  • Incorporate flexible workspace to boost the elasticity of the real estate portfolio, de-risk critical operations and decentralise cloud-connected teams

  • Workplace density, efficiencies
  • Health & distancing
  • Wellness
  • Employee choice

Multi-dimensional enhancement of the work space experience

With distancing, de-densification and delivering employee health and wellbeing becoming strategic imperatives, workplaces need to evolve to contribute to  these goals. From re-planning work space in your portfolio to automated workplace monitors, space optimisation solutions and ergonomic workstation design, a steady stream of innovations can help businesses operate more efficiently, comply with emerging regulations and deliver wellness, sustainability and efficiency wherever your teams work.


  • Develop effective approaches to work space density and distancing through data-based approaches, and deliver employee choice  
  • Incorporate next-generation health and environmental technologies into workplace design
  • Develop amenities and programs to promote health and wellness at and beyond the office  

  • Productivity
  • Tech-enablement
  • Internet of the Workplace (IoW)
  • Clouded workplace management

Connecting environments to enable productivity gains in work pace

Connected devices and cloud-delivered enterprise services continue to grow, accelerating the adoption of the Internet of the Workplace (IoW). These pave the way for more technology-enabled approaches to productivity and collaboration across multiple workplaces and the enhanced management of corporate portfolios. This will enable occupiers to manage and support their teams and real estate portfolios on an on-demand basis to meet emerging business needs.


  • Draw on cloud-based solutions to foster location-agnostic collaboration
  • Apply proptech and automation to ease the burden of effectively managing and maintaining multiple locations   
  • Use connected devices as a basis for the real-time monitoring and remote control of resources and assets

Solutions for current and future workplace demands
Colliers offers a number of specialised service lines with WORK3, working together to help you accelerate change and take advantage of opportunities to maximise the value of your company’s real estate portfolio. 

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