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Tenant and Occupier Blog

This section of our Colliers Blog explores a collection of insightful blog articles catered for tenants and occupiers in commercial real estate. Read more below.

19 Dec 2021

Colliers Industrial Advisory continues to grow

Colliers Industrial Advisory teams across the country are providing clients with end-to-end capabilities, and our recent partnership with Pollen Consulting Group are able to give clear direction for their future property needs.
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24 Sep 2021

Tenant Advisory team expands nationally as we welcome 4 new faces

In the past three months, we have been pleased to welcome four new Tenant Advisors into our Occupier Services team within Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
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14 Jul 2021

Office Anxieties and Realities

With NSW back in lockdown, office owners and tenants can learn from 2020’s anxieties which are far from the realities we experienced in the first half of 2021; providing comfort and a clearer roadmap of what is to comesays Colliers head of tenant advisory, Simon Crouch.
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9 Mar 2021

Innovation is driven by the occupier

The saying “the customer is always right” is a motto which exhorts service staff to give high priority to customer satisfaction, driving us to deliver a better, smarter product.
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4 Mar 2021

Food for Thought - the rise of Food Logistics

The food and grocery sector in Australia has recorded strong growth over the past year and this has created a positive thematic for the industrial and logistics sector amid a challenging economic environment.
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16 Dec 2020

Supply chain and Logistics strategy: Top 4 trends

This year disruptions have resurfaced the need for supply chain managers to re-think their supply chains and strategy roadmaps.
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3 Dec 2020

Border Resilience

Historically, Australia has enjoyed one of the strongest rates of population growth in the world and it has been this growth that has underpinned the country’s economic expansion over the past two decades. However, with the international border likely to be closed until a vaccine for COVID-19 is found, net overseas migration is forecast to contract over the next two years and this will have considerable flow on effects to the Australian industrial and logistics sector.
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23 Nov 2020

Connection is Key

As the pandemic has unfolded, so much has been written that the office is now superfluous to needs. We can all take our laptops and move to our dining table and not see a drop in productivity. And this was the case in the early part of the pandemic, because we had no other choice. Many were concerned about job security and therefore worked twice as hard and most likely longer hours to make up for the crisis.
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