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Our Technology

One of our key differentiators is our unrivalled platform and our promise to our people and clients that these products are only available at Colliers.

We have heavily invested in these products, ensuring each product has been developed to cater for a specific client need. This provides Colliers with a unique differentiator in winning new business, enhancing productivity and helping recruit market leaders.
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Colliers360 is a fully-integrated, scalable analytics platform that provides complete coverage for clients’ Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management technology needs, real time.
Colliers360 is comprised of three components that are completely agnostic from one another and can be used in tandem or as standalone applications. In a departure from the traditional technology service provider methodology, Colliers realises that a one-size-fits-all approach to client technology solutions rarely serves the best interest of its clients.
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OfficeExpert allows our clients to take the risk and emotional stress out of the decision making process and provides them with the facts and figures on which to base their decision.
It takes you and your client through the process of selecting what is important to them, their employees and clients.

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