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Preparing your Employees' Return to Office

Return to Office Workbook: A Guide to Preparing your Employees’ Return
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Return to Office

A successful re-entry following the COVID-19 pandemic requires a cross-functional team spanning executive leadership, real estate and facilities management professionals, HR, communications, IT, legal, and other stakeholders. In addition, there are key sources of data that you must now consider such as employee surveys, managed sentiment, space utilisation, and who should be in the office or work virtually.

Colliers and Blue Skyre IBE have partnered to develop a workbook to assist your team as you plan and manage a successful return to the office. It provides guidelines for your workforce’s return, along with tactical recommendations to prepare your facilities and real estate for a successful launch.

5 focus areas

For easy use and guidance, we’ve organised our collective expertise and helpful tips into five key areas:

dblue_Mask   Protocols
Do you have the right procedures in place to ensure a successful return to office?
dblue_Property Management   Building Services
Have you revised your building services programme to fit the shift in employee work patterns?
dblue_Office desk   Workplace Readiness
Have you analysed and prepared your office space for a successful return?
dblue_multifactor authentication   Technology Enablement
Do you have the right technology solutions to manage a full return to the office and any other hybrid solutions?
dblue_Media Citation   Communications & Training
Have you developed communications processes and materials to answer questions about return to office?

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