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Andrea Cano | Colliers | Brisbane CBD

Andrea Cano

Associate Director | Office Leasing

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Professional Summary

Andrea Cano is a tenacious Office Leasing Agent who enjoys representing commercial property landlords across approximately 18 buildings in the Brisbane CBD.

Prior to commercial property, Andrea had a career in Advertising and Media Sales working closely with commercial property portfolios which led to a natural progression to pursue a career in office leasing. Andrea has leveraged from her prior experience in the media & sales marketing industry and has an intimate understanding of consumer behaviour  to ensure her customers are partnering with a highly pro-active agent.

Approximately 50% of Andrea’s transactions are born from organic canvassing and building strong relationships with local and interstate stakeholders.


Since starting at Colliers International in late 2016, Andrea has personally led and facilitated 90 deals (i.e excluding conjuctional) totalling more than 19,000sqm in the Brisbane CBD.

2020, 19 Transactions across 4,685sqm.

Some notable deals include:

  • Veolia Water - 133 Mary Street - 585sqm
  • Citrus International - 116 Adelaide Street - 422sqm
  • Best Practice Australia - 144 Edward Street - 374sqm

2019,  25 Transactions across 5,655sqm

Some notable deals include:

  • Ingress Training - 116 Adelaide Street - 760sqm
  • Exclaim IT - 316 Adelaide Street - 548sqm 
  • Intelligent Pathways - 500 Queen Street - 422sqm

2018, 30 Transactions across 6,135sqm

Some notable deals include:

  • Site Education - 488 Queen Street - 1,729sqm (Renewal)
  • Oaks Group - 316 Adelaide Street - 548sqm
  • Knowmore - 144 Edward Street - 498sqm

2017, 17 Transactions across 2,323sqm

Some notable deals include:

  • Equifax - 316 Adelaide Street - 1,096sqm
  • Adepto Solutions - 172 Edward Street - 220sqm
  • Now Careers - 316 Adelaide Street - 180sqm



Bachelor of Advertising and Marketing Communications at the University of Canberra.


Tenant testimonial:

I took a call from Andrea about 8 months prior to our commercial lease ending.

While I thought it was too soon to start looking for a new home for our team, I agreed to meet for a quick chat.

Andrea was so authentic and easy to talk to, I decided before I finished my coffee that she would be our agent.

In just a few short weeks, we danced our way across Queen Street Mall (literally), had to be rescued from a balcony (long story) and found the perfect home for our company.

I truly believe Andrea had our best interests at heart, understood what our team needed and was extremely passionate about the properties she represents.

A few weeks into our search, one of her competitors called to find out if we were in the market for a property. 

When I told the person I was working with Andrea, he said “Aaah you’re in good hands there” – there is no truer respect than that of your competitor. 

In 4 years, when our lease ends,  I won’t be going anywhere else.



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