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Catherine Lovelock | Colliers | Melbourne CBD (Residential)

Catherine Lovelock

Associate Director, Development Sites | Residential

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Professional Summary

Catherine joined Colliers Residential Victoria in 2017 as an Assistant Project Manager within our Development Site Sales Division. Shortly after commencing, Catherine established herself as an incredibly valuable team member, receiving three promotions in the past three years.

In her role as Associate Director, Catherine leads the coordination of our development site sale and marketing campaigns, providing strategic advice and support to our sales team and their clients.

Catherine has built a wealth of knowledge in the marketing and communications field. She has a post-graduate qualification from Monash University and has held previous roles specialising in content and communications.

Over the past 7 years, Catherine has honed her property marketing skills, managing hundreds of campaigns for properties up to the value of $135million.

As a hardworking and highly regarded member of the team, Catherine is recognised for her drive to provide best in class marketing support. In 2019 she was awarded the Colliers Internal Service Award and in 2018 the Directors Choice Award.

Catherine has built strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders across the Development Site CBD, City Fringe, Metro and Englobo markets. 

“I am grateful to have a role where I can make a positive impact by providing marketing support and advice that helps our clients achieve the best possible result in their sale campaign.” – Catherine Lovelock

About Colliers Residential Victoria

For over 20 years, Colliers Residential Victoria has been a leading force within the residential property industry, offering clients access to global networks and an unrivalled level of experience and knowledge. With expertise spanning Build-to-sell (Project Marketing), Build-to-rent, Development Site Sales, Research and Strategic Advisory, the business has been involved in Melbourne’s largest, most defining projects. Colliers Residential Victoria has represented hundreds of developer clients, sold more than $20billion worth of apartments, helped pioneer the Build-to-rent sector and maintained the number 1 position in the Development Sites market with more than 30% market share.

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