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Ian Burrows | Colliers | Perth

Ian Burrows

Director | Real Estate Management Services

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Professional Summary

Ian brings a unique leadership skills to large-scale projects and networks, combining in-depth knowledge and over 30 years of experience managing and growing businesses and teams with a passion for streamlined systems and fostering a culture of collaboration between teams, inspiring new strategies and insights to achieve a competitive business edge.

An inspirational leader who readily provides directions and instructions to those around him as well as encouraging and empowering team members, managers, and other leaders to show initiative and assume accountability for their areas of expertise. As an empowering leader providing guidance and leadership, managing people and activities in a proactive manner, and also resolve interpersonal conflict, issues, and complaints very well.

A very team-oriented leader who works closely and collaboratively within and across teams, departments, and facilities so as to meet shared goals and targets. Extremely focused on seeking understanding those around him, and seek to understand what motivates team members, contractors, and others. Avery consultative leader who values and respects the input and expertise of others.

Driven, resilient, and ethical maintaining composure when faced with problems or emergencies. With a conscientious approach meeting deadlines and ensuring actions and works are completed on time and within regulations and parameters. Methodically working systematically so as to prioritise tasks and projects in an effective manner


Ian’s experience as an investor, entrepreneur and business owner has given him the ability to discover opportunities to make the organisations he works for more profitable and efficient.  Ian understands all business processes including knowledge of competitors and market conditions, budgets, and accounts, staffing and communication requirements as well as quality, compliance systems, and processes.

Ian’s primary interest in any role he undertakes is in looking for the opportunity to create value for stakeholders. 

Ian is no stranger to large-scale projects, portfolios, complexes, and networks, previously managing:

·       Jandakot City (928,000m2) Mixed use Industrial, Commercial and Retail complex 

·       Jandakot Aerodrome (620ha) 

·       Presbyterian Ladies College 

·       Royal Automobile Club 

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10 May 2022

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