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Stephen Baines | Colliers

Stephen Baines

Senior Facilities Manager | Real Estate Management Services

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Professional Summary

Stephen has over 20 years’ experience working in Operations and Facilities Management roles with a specialisation in installing, implementing and monitoring modern BMS (Building Management Systems). His experiences includes 14 years as a trouble-shooter for Schneider Electric across the Europe, Middle East & Africa, especially in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates before relocating to Adelaide with Schneider to be involved in the SAHMRI building project.

Stephen joined Colliers from SAHMRI where he provided facilities management for the start-up medical research institute for 5 years. His role was to design and implement processes and procedures for the management of maintenance and service contracts for this new building. A key requirement was to ensure facilities and services dependability for SAHMRI’s 650+ researchers.

Stephen’s customer focus and proactive, responsive service is widely acknowledged by clients.


Quintessential Equity for 431KWS and 100KWS


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