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Trenton Hindman | Colliers | Brisbane

Trenton Hindman

B.A. Sc.

Manager, Transaction Services | Agribusiness

Licence 3191539

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Professional Summary

Trenton has transacted more than $215 million in Agribusiness Real Estate for local, national and international clients in the past 4 years. Some of these sales has been as a buyers agent assisting the purchaser with his expert knowledge and innovative negotiating. In Trenton’s first year as a broker he received the “Rookie of the Year” award.

Trenton graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Rural Technology, majoring in plant protection. His sales and marketing career commenced with sales representative positions in Western Australia and Northern Australia for agricultural chemical companies. He also launched a direct marketing business in New Zealand and Gofarm Agribusiness in Queensland.

Trenton has farming and cattle interests on the Western Darling Downs and South West Queensland. He is fortunate enough to have purchased several properties that now have passive income streams from carbon projects and wind farms, overlying traditional cattle and grain enterprises. Farming as an absentee landlord keeps him calibrated and in tune with landowners all over the region.  

Founding a rural merchandise business called Gofarm and operating it for 18 years, has given Trenton numerous skills to successfully navigate agricultural real estate transactions. Managing a small regional based business like Gofarm, Trenton was constantly exposed to the seasonal impacts of drought, floods and low commodity prices which has been an invaluable experience.

He is creative with marketing which is important to make a vendor's property stand out. He uses the latest digital platforms to cover social media channels and is strategic with the more traditional mediums. Trenton's outdoor advertising initiative “three billboards outside Miles, Queensland” demonstrated this unique way of thinking which has landed him listings and a reputation as an enterprising and innovative agent for Agribusiness.


Awards & Recognition:

  • 2016 Awards of Excellence, Rookie of the Year | Queensland
  • 2016 Awards of Excellence, Division of the Year | Queensland

A summary of Trenton's recent sales are as follows:

  • Sale of Hancock Aggregation, North Bundaberg, QLD (1018.53ha)
  • Sale of Mount Colliery Station, Mount Colliery, QLD 1251.8ha for $10,250,000
  • Sale of Pony Plains, Wandoan, QLD 4,004ha for $13,300,000
  • Sale of FCFR, Hervey Bay, QLD 137ha for $2,350,000
  • Sale of Mooning, Eulo, QLD 26,443.69ha for $2,250,000
  • Sale of Wiringa, Langlo, QLD 27,955.98ha for $2,550,000
  • Sale of Granville Station, Quilpie, QLD 49,316.80ha for $2,865,000
  • Sale of Waldock’s Aggregation, Maryborough, QLD 623ha for $12,100,000
  • Sale of Byra, Goodooga, QLD 5,161ha for $3,250,000
  • Sale of Wagyu Aggregation, Roma, QLD 20,801ha for $50,600,000
  • Sale of Bucca, Bundaberg, QLD 123.83ha for $2,000,000
  • Sale of Clover Downs, Cunnamulla, QLD 124,645ha for $27,000,000
  • Sale of Mount Alfred, Cunnamulla, QLD 37,580ha for $1,675,000
  • Sale of Bracco, Roma, QLD 1,867ha for $4,575,000
  • Sale of Dooloogarah, Injune, QLD 423,000ha for $8,000,000
  • Sale of Yarra, Gogango, QLD 2,173ha for $3,750,000
  • Sale of Glen Isla, Kunwarara, QLD 2,057ha for $1,920,000

Other Accomplishments:

  • Sales representative for Australian and Multinational AgChem companies in Western Australia and the Northern grain region.
  • Owner operator of Direct marketing business in New Zealand.
  • Founder and owner of Gofarm Agribusiness.
  • Farming and cattle interests in Southern and Western Queensland.   


Graduated University of Queensland 1987 - Gatton College - Major in Plant Protection


"Thank you Trenton for a job well done. Thank you for the lovely way you illustrated Pat's land in book form, I shed a tear. Thanks again, Ann Boyle" - Vendor of Mount Colliery Station - Sold for $10,250,000 in 2019


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Land, Agribusiness

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