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Australia’s largest Emu Farm on the market

Colliers International selling Longview Emu Farm

Colliers International are selling one of Australia’s largest Emu farms and suppliers, in a unique opportunity, rarely brought to market. 

Henry Mackinnon and Angus Macleod of Colliers International Agribusiness are managing a two-stage Expressions of Interest Campaign for ‘Longview Emu Farm’ located at 167 Tragowel Road, Tragowel in Victoria, on behalf of vendor Jeff Long.

The 221.55ha property will be sold as a going concern; while recent sales in the area suggest the value of the land to be between $2000-$3000 per hectare, Colliers International recommends that due to the intricacies of the business, participating parties are required to do their full due-diligence for the total value of the business. 

The sale includes all current birds as well as the expected 3,000 birds hatching throughout the next four months along with plant and machinery. 

Longview Emu Farm is the main supplier for the lucrative emu oil industry through the supply of emu fat. The value of the bird is derived from the production of fat, which through a secondary process is rendered into emu oil that is one of the main by products.

“This asset is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase an emu farm of this scale; there has never been an asset with comparable features to 'Longview Emu Farm' for sale on the open market,” said Henry Mackinnon, Executive, Agribusiness at Colliers International.

“Emu oil is a precious resource and is becoming more recognised within the medical community.”

Longview Emu Farm was established over 25 years ago and holds an excellent reputation throughout the emu industry. 

Angus Macleod, Director, Agribusiness at Colliers International said, “The property has been managed exceptionally well over the years with consistent upgrades to all fencing, roadways and water systems throughout the property.”

“The business also operates a transport service for other emu producers transporting their emus from their properties to the processing facilities.”

“This asset presents a rare opportunity for current emu oil purchasers to produce their own emu fat and emu oil for sale on the open market.”
Expressions of Interest for Longview Emu Farm close July 26, 2019.