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Colliers ASPIRES to develop future leaders with new initiative

Apire Hero

New talent program aimed at accelerating the growth of high performers across Australia

Colliers has brought together 24 aspiring future leaders from across the country in the first stage of a new development program aimed at accelerating the growth of high performing individuals.

The ASPIRE future leaders program is a 12 month program designed to help accelerate careers and maximise the potential of future leaders at Colliers Australia.

24 participants, from associate director to national director level, representing a variety of service lines, recently came together from across the country for an inperson training session.

“ASPIRE aims to develop future leaders in our workplace who are identified as high potential and high performing individuals,” Suzi Colless, Colliers’ Director of People and Performance, said. “The program aims for delegates to identify personal leadership strengths and use it to further accelerate their success and lead others to do the same.”

Designed by Colliers' Australia Capability & Talent Management team, ASPIRE is part of a wider leadership and management program catering to the development of Colliers’ people across clients, projects, and people.

Also part of the three-tired broader program are AMPLIFY, a range of sessions for emerging people managers to ‘amplify’ their management skills and ADVANCE, a program for senior people managers to ‘advance’ their senior management skills.

“The program primarily focusses on emotional intelligence (EI),” Raminta Kymantas, Colliers’ Manager of Capability & Talent, said. “We first need to lead ourselves, before we can lead our clients, stakeholders, projects and teams, so a big focus of the program is developing our EI and how to optimise it to form better working relationships.”

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Malcom Tyson

Chief Executive Officer | Australia


Malcom is the Chief Executive Officer for Colliers in Australia, delivering on our business plan and driving our enterprising culture. Our company is underpinned by a clear set of values, designed to maximise the potential of property to accelerate the success of our clients and our people.  

Over his 27-year career with Colliers, Malcom has had the opportunity to build and grow a number of successful teams. Prior to his current role, he led the NSW business along with the national Industrial business for 15 years. In 2005, Malcom joined the National Executive where the leadership group has steered our business to achieve incredible growth and reinforced our market-leading culture. Our business stability and continuity continue to attract market leaders, empowering them to think and act differently to drive exceptional results.  

Colliers has an enterprising culture which underpins our strategy for success. The business has won multiple accolades as a Best Employer and best in class in many service arenas. We appreciate the loyalty of our people and our clients and we thrive on collaborating to create enterprising solutions that exceed expectations. 

Within Australia, Malcom has had the benefit of working with a highly regarded leadership team, including John Marasco and Simon Hunt, who are focussed on maximising the potential of property for our clients, through delivering enterprising solutions as we work through the market conditions of 2021. By keeping aligned to our values of being enterprising to exceed expectations and collaborating to drive exceptional results, Colliers are well positioned in 2021 to maximise the potential of property and to be a part of leading our industry into the future, not only in Australia but right across the Asia Pacific region. 

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