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Meet our Expert Alissa Woods

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Q: How long have you been in the real estate industry and how did you come to join Colliers? 

I started in residential real estate administration in 2013 in Brisbane, following my move to Melbourne I remained in residential for about a year before moving across to commercial property in an admin role in 2016 at Savills for the industrial team. I then went into the graduate program, and ended up in office leasing in 2018, before being poached by Milly Stockdale and Andrew Beasley to come to Colliers in 2019. Since joining Colliers, I have benefited from working on a variety of assets with different operators in the team which has enabled me to learn from the best in the business and in a very fast paced environment.  

Q: Tell us a bit more about your current role with Colliers. What do you find most fulfilling about it? 

I am a manager in Office Leasing, Melbourne CBD, I primarily focus on 1,000sqm and under and deal with mostly SME’s. I am a broker, so it is a lot of enquiry management, inspections, negotiations, dealing with tenants, and strategic advice for clients. I really enjoy the reward for effort, as it can be very long hours and the thrill of a deal is always exciting. It is also great to be able to get out of the office and meet new people. Deals can range from fairly straight forward and simple, to very complex and you are kept on your toes having to adapt and learn throughout the negotiation. I have found that the learning curve is a lot steeper at Colliers because of the exposure to tenant representatives and the nature of the assets we work on.   

Q: How do you think you use your expertise to add value to clients? 
Along with a specialty in sub 1,000sqm space, I also specialise in speculative suites. Creating a spec suite strategy can be very involved and requires not only our input but feedback from the market and we have direct unfiltered access to this feedback. Given we have a majority market share, we deal with a wide range of tenants and tenant representatives and have insight into what works and what falls short.  

Q: Can you think of a transaction or project that you’re particularly proud of? What did you do to ensure its success? 

360 Collins Street. Adam Davy and I have built a strong team in the leasing of 360 Collins Street, I have learnt so much on this appointment which is an A Grade asset owned by Dexus. Adam and I have been involved 10 deals in 2021 on the building. 360 Collins Street was Dexus’ most active building in Melbourne in 2021, we constantly ran inspections, negotiated terms with tenants and their representatives and helped ensure the success through always being active on the project, it can be a lot of work, but really fulfilling to see the success we have experienced so far and we hope to exceed our clients expectations through 2022.  

Q: What do you think the opportunity is for your client’s real estate strategies in the current environment? 

It depends on the asset and the client, however one of the key trends that we have seen in this post COVID landscape is a flight to quality, and how important fitted space is. There’s a lot of strategy around spec fit outs, lobby upgrades, EOT upgrades and increased offerings for additional staff amenity to stay ahead of what tenants are looking for. We’re constantly working with landlords and research to identify trends in the market, as to accurately advise landlords on how to get the best out of their product for tenants. 

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Alissa Woods

Manager | Office Leasing


Alissa has been a leasing operative for four years with a focus on <1,000sqm market. Alissa has a diverse client base comprising passionate privates and institutional landlords, she is flexible in her approach and tailors her strategies to suit the needs of her clients. Alissa is known for her attention to detail, effective communication and client relations as well as  her problem-solving ability and out-of-the-box thinking.  

Specialising in small suites, Alissa has a clear understanding of the needs of small to medium business' and  has been involved in numerous small suite strategy roll outs in Melbourne, advising on several successful speculative suite campaigns in the market.

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