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Meet our Expert Rachel Hutson

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Q: How long have you been in the real estate industry and how did you come to join Colliers? 

I joined Colliers in 2014. Prior to joining I had been working in real estate for 5 years, first in residential general agency and then later in project marketing for a private Brisbane based group.  

Q: How do you think you use your expertise to add value to clients?  

The great thing about Colliers as a full-service agency with National and International reach is that we are able to draw not only on our own personal experience and the experience of other experts within our team, but also on the combined experience of our colleagues and partners across all assets classes and areas of the property industry. In residential we work frequently with colleagues in areas such as Project Management, Hotels and Retail Leasing, and with industry partners in media and creative agencies to increase opportunities and outcomes for our clients.   

Q: What is the most fulfilling thing about your role? 
Nothing beats the feeling of finally settling a project, particularly those that we have worked on from concept to completion - the culmination of in many cases years of work resulting in the shared success of our both our developer and purchaser clients. Coming in close second is that winning feeling when we are awarded an appointment on a new project and the anticipation of the work to come in making it a success.  

Q: Can you think of a transaction or project that you’re particularly proud of? What did you do to ensure its success? 
Driving around South East Queensland and spotting all of the projects that I and my colleagues have worked on over the past 10 years gives me a great sense of pride in our contribution to the growth of our region. I have a special spot in my heart for the first projects I worked on with Colliers on joining in 2014, and for the first projects I listed as a Director in 2018.  

Q: What do you think the opportunity is for your client’s real estate strategies in the current environment? 
There is nothing more important in the current market than making sure that you have confidence around build price and how that feeds into the feasibility. We’re working with clients right from acquisition stage through design and development to ensure that we can deliver the right product in the right locations to be able to achieve the right prices to make a project successful.  

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Rachel Hutson

Director | Residential


RacheI joined Colliers International (Residential - Brisbane) in July 2014 as a Project Manager, and currently holds the role of Associate Director responsible for project marketing across a portfolio of residential projects in South East Queensland. 

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Urban Development (Property Economics),  Integrated Marketing Communication and International Business  from the Queensland University of Technology and a Bachelor of Contemporary Marketing from Griffith University. 

Rachel began her career in the retail industry, working for 6 years as a retail store manager before transitioning into the property industry in sales and property management. Prior to joining Colliers, Rachel worked for private Brisbane based property group, Acuity Property Solutions, in the role of Marketing Manager, providing sales and marketing support across all areas of the business, including development management, project sales and marketing and investment divisions.

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