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Post COVID-19 - How Might Property Marketing Respond


As we start to see early and welcome signs of easing restrictions, including social contact, associated with COVID-19, our thoughts are naturally focused on what our world might look like after this health, economic and social emergency is contained.

One area that will be impacted is how property marketing is done. Residential property markets may well evolve in terms of demand, supply, prices, location, infrastructure and a myriad of other considerations.

As a society we will continue to develop, buy and sell property as we have done so for hundreds of years. However, how we do that, how we engage a post-corona market, how we communicate appears set to change.

What buyers do and do not value may well change, how much they can or are willing to pay, both as buyers and renting and where they wish to live may also be impacted. How will sentiment impact, will buyers be more driven by finance than ever before or will the ‘emotional-shock’ of recent events have a greater influence? Perhaps social structures will look very different, more connected!

During the next few weeks I’ll not publish my traditional content so that I can concentrate my time to consider and then discuss where marketing for our industry might head in the future.

My plan is to publish a White-Paper on Post-corona Property Marketing in June. In the meantime, stay safe as we all navigate these changing times.