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Interior Design Trends - with Coco Republic

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What colour palettesthemesand textures are making an impact in 2019?

Apricot and Terracotta are on the rise as colour trends in 2019 and just as Pantone have recently released the ‘Colour of 2019’ as ‘Living Coral’. The use and injection of this warm colour on cotton, combined with Tan leathers and subtle hints of Rose are the setting for a beautiful interior and a sense or stillness and tranquillity that we all need in our busy lives today.

Concrete finishes in various shades have changed the way we previously used the hard material. What once was very industrial and cold, can now be fresh, relaxed and inviting. The Regent Dining Table from Coco Republic in white perfectly complements a Hamptons scheme.


What things such as patterns, accent colours, and style of furniture will age your place immediately?

I think the key is how to use strong patterns and colours. Chevron or herringbone for example on a wallpaper or rug and in bold colours will quickly date an interior and may become tiresome to look at. It can however work beautifully and timelessly when used as a feature flooring or a beautiful marble tile.

Similarly, painting a feature wall in a solid colour can quickly date a room and is reminiscent of the late 1990's and 2000's. Instead, opt for a textured wallpaper like seagrass for interest but try and stick with timeless colours like navy, emerald or taupe.

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What are some quick and affordable ways to spruce up a small apartment?

Smaller spaces are just as beautiful and functional as larger ones and can inspire some beautifully tailored interior design ideas.

Use mirrors! One of the best ways to open up a space and allow depth perception is the use of mirrors. The large Charlotte Mirror from Coco Republic is a beautiful addition to any smaller space -

Buy dual purpose furniture such as bedside tables that double up as extra stools and seating for other areas in the house or even work as a step up to reach higher storage areas. The Coco Republic Concrete Stool range is versatile throughout the home and outdoor spaces.

It’s really important to maximise floor space. Add a beautiful ‘larger than you think’ rug to amplify a sense of spaciousness. You can frame full living areas and completely transform a space with the simple use of a rug. A designer favourite, the Valentina Rug in teal adds impact beautifully.


Quotes from, Georgina Holmes, Senior Interior Designer, Coco Republic Interior Design