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Modernising traditional industrial operations

Maximising the space utilisation of your Industrial property is one key to improving efficiencies and reducing costs. In many cases we see businesses make the mistake of confusing their perceived needs with their actual needs, resulting in unnecessary utilisation of space and additional costs.

In working with large utility service providers to upgrade depot facilities, we have found that the key to helping our clients understand the changes to their work flow and materials handling practices have changed over time. This is also true for smaller businesses wishing to setup a site with capability for future cost-effective expansion.

The key to successful outcomes is to work with the individual business user groups to firstly understand work flow processes and secondly, understand spatial requirements to meet those operational needs.  Keeping in mind that as technology and supply chain improvements develop over time, spatial requirements will generally be reduced. 

By addressing the spatial requirement directly from the workflow processes, efficiencies can be achieved in the amount of space actually required by the business, rather than the perceived space needed based on a traditional or current usage.  

This can also free up space externally for truck fleet parking, and facilitate more efficient loading, unloading and mobilisation of the vehicle fleet.

It is essential that practices such as storage, equipment handling and operational movement throughout the site are re-worked to create a functional and efficient workflow.  Other areas that require additional attention from the past include those to do with WHSE legislation, such as wash-down areas, (emergency showers, and eye flush), disable accessibility, End of Trip facilities, bike storage and staff community spaces. 

More than often businesses, particularly those that run “depot’ like operations will find that the size of their Industrial site exceeds their needs. Downsizing can lead to several benefits such as relocating to a more central location, resulting in higher staff retention rates and greater ease in loading/unloading inventory.  Maximising space efficiency can also assist with keeping inventory visible and easy to find.

Experienced Project Leaders can assist in the business analysis and design development process for businesses that want to ensure they are utilising space, resulting in improved efficiencies and reduced costs. Project Leaders have the skills and experience to analyse a series of options and processes, weighing up the pros and cons to ensure the best solution is implemented.