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Storage Solutions When Downsizing from a House to an Apartment

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With the kids grown up and out of the family home, many couples are now looking to downsize to cosy apartments with less space, requiring smart thinking when it comes to storage.

Without the former cupboards and spare rooms, it's not always easy to find hiding places for all of your belongings. The solution? A little bit of creativity and a can-do attitude!

Using our ingenious tips, your belongings will be tucked away out of sight or a talking point, in no time.


Use Space Under or Within Furniture

In a small apartment, every inch is valuable. To make the most out of your floor space, consider investing in storage boxes that will slide underneath your sofa or bed.

If your wardrobe space is minimal, you could pack your out-of-season clothes in vacuum bags and store under the bed or in your built-ins. It also makes sense to keep spare doona covers or sheet sets under the bed when they're not living on the mattress.

Consider your furniture pieces carefully. Dual functional furniture items such as stylish ottomans, sofas with built-in storage space and shelves and/or coffee tables with shelving – all stow away your items while being slick and stylish.




Do Storage In Style

Storage doesn't have to look boring! Designer boxes and wicker baskets will hide your things while also adding style to a space.

Additionally, your storage solution can function as a room divider – make use of those clever bookshelves and cube frames!

Tip - When you're choosing a storage basket, go for something in canvas or heavy linen. That way, it'll squeeze up and fold away when your storage needs are less demanding.



Make Use of Your Wall Space

High shelves and floor-to-ceiling bookcases are excellent storage solutions – and if you're handy with tools and wood, then it's easy enough to install a unit or bookcase yourself.

Keeping the contents of the shelves tidy can really help to de-clutter the space visually, so grab some simple storage boxes to slot into the shelves and a few colourful glass tumblers to hide smaller knick-knacks.

Another thing to think about is the face of your hidden storage space. For example, a murphy bed hides away during the day but its floor-to-ceiling mirror can visually increase the sense of natural light in a tiny flat. Consider the use of mirrors or art to disguise storage solutions.


Hanging Storage Options

Wall hung storage can be a fabulous option in the living room or kitchen. Choose to either minimise the visual impact of actual wall storage containers by going monochrome or accentuate them a la Julia Childs with a bright display of your cooking utensils and crockery.


Lastly, urban living often means two things: small spaces and sometimes, bike friendly commutes. Go from clunky to funky by making the bikes an artistic statement by hanging them up. When in doubt, just hang it up!



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