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Supercharge your investment with a collaborative approach to property management

Maximising revenue is important, and equally vital is a collaborative approach. 

With average yields currently below 6%, every $1 of additional revenue you can bring in to your asset adds $17 to the valuation of the asset. We approach managing your asset by gaining a deep understanding of your investment drivers and the market dynamics that can influence your decisions.

The first step in driving maximum revenue through the transition is to ensure we have complete documentation for every tenant, followed by a comprehensive lease audit. The lease audit includes reconciling rent charges back to the commencement of the lease, making sure outgoings are being fully recovered, and thinking about holdover rent for expired leases.

Minimising expenditure and risk through the transition has four key aspects which include conducting a property risk assessment to identify any potential risks that need to be mitigated, collating maintenance and warranty records, benchmarking outgoings to identify potential savings, and considering base building maintenance against tenant equipment maintenance.

We continually consult, involve and communicate with you to understand your requirements and deliver enterprising strategies focused on increasing long-term values, consistent and accurate financial reporting, cost savings and efficiencies across your portfolio. We’re also focused on providing premium tenant service to build long term relationships and a high level of tenant retention.

However, it’s our collaborative approach that drives exceptional results for our clients.  Leveraging experts across each business line, we provide you with best in class property knowledge and capability.  We bring together Leasing, Investment Services, Valuations, Project Management, Advisory and Research to provide your property with a diverse range of skills and immediate access to the latest market knowledge, regular market briefings and workshops to review and accelerate the performance of the portfolio. 

We will help you plan, review and implement strategies to ensure your investment objectives are continually met, help identify any threats or opportunities as they arise, and keep you ahead of the competition.

In the lead up to divesting an asset, we work with our clients and the Investment Services team to align the property management strategy with the divestment strategy and consider whether we need to extend the WALE (weighted average lease expiry). Alternatively, we also consider whether we need to negotiate early lease terminations, and are any refurbishment works required to reposition the asset or does the property just need some general repair and maintenance works to get it ready for sale.

Our dynamic team tackles each project with a passion for tailoring creative solutions that will exceed your expectations and maximise the potential of your property portfolio.

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Julia Batterley

National Director | Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management Services

Sydney CBD

I have over 15 years’ experience in the Real Estate industry and in this time have gained valuable experience in all aspects of Property Management including providing outstanding customer service, building strong relationships with all stakeholders, increasing asset values through proactive maintenance and capital expenditure programs, tenant retention strategies, lease negotiations, financial reporting, dealings with Legal representatives and arrears minimisation.

I started with Colliers in 2010 and have had various Property Management roles within REM in that time.  My current role as National Director of Private Clients is focused on business development and service delivery in the private client specialisation of Real Estate Management.  I work with the SPD's to implement business development strategies, nationalised marketing collateral and ensure we are constantly delivering service that exceeds our clients’ expectations through a proactive management approach.

Because we treat every asset like it’s our own, we find solutions others don’t look for.

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