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Compulsory Acquisition NSW

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Compulsory acquisition is the power of Government to acquire private rights in real estate without the willing consent of its owner or occupant in order to benefit society; where a Government Authority acquires land to implement a public purpose.

Read our report to learn how Colliers International’s Valuation & Advisory Services can assist you in your compulsory acquisition matter.

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Compulsory Acquisition NSW

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Phillip Cartisano

Associate Director

Valuation & Advisory Services

Sydney West

Phillip has been in the property industry for over 10 years and is currently an Associate Director in Valuation & Advisory Services at Colliers International.

Prior to his move to Colliers International, Phillip held various Senior roles and gained significant exposure to the Commercial/Residential mortgage sectors, being highly experienced in Western Sydney markets, amongst others.

Phillip also has experience in advisory for acquisition and disposal, rent reviews, capital gains tax, litigation property settlement, statutory requirements, government portfolio work, property settlement (family law), asset management and other litigation matters.

In his present capacity, Phillip is based in Western Sydney and is primarily focused on Statutory and Litigation, Valuation and Advisory Services.  

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