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Expert Insights | Asia Pacific Data Centre Markets July 2023

The demand for data centres in Asia Pacific continues unabated as businesses ramp up their digital transformation journey and Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things see increased investment.

Research shows that the data centre sector in Asia Pacific reported a 300% growth in capacity over the past five years, with the market expected to reach over USD 53 billion by 2028 as it expands at a CAGR of 12% from 2023 to 2028.

    “The continued growth of e-commerce and the surge in interest in AI-led platforms such as ChatGPT means that demand for Data centre space continues unabated all across Asia Pacific. 1H 2023 has seen the completion and announcement of several mega-projects in major markets but with supply and regulatory constraints varying considerably from market to market and competition from heavy-power users in the Advanced Manufacturing and EV sectors, challenges remain in meeting growth targets from a supply perspective.”

    “The repurposing of older assets seems like an easy solution; however, challenges remain in terms of power, floor loading etc especially for Hyperscalers and hence a ground-up approach is recommended for large projects. Investors and Developers must take a long-term view on the this asset class due to the long construction times and bespoke nature of the facilities. Another concern for both operators and investors is ESG compliance – again more challenging if considering a conversion of an existing asset Vs a new-build.”
Michael Bowens, Head of Industrial | Asia

This edition of our Expert Insights presents a detailed overview of key data centre markets in Asia Pacific, including Australia, Hong Kong, India, Korea, New Zealand and Philippines.


Data Centre Insights 

As a major landing point for submarine fiber cables Sydney is the focal point for data centres in Australia. Read this report for a detailed overview of the sector within Australia, including its current and future capacity, key players, investment themes and outlook. 

Data Centre | Global Capacity Share 

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Hong Kong

Data Centres Stay The Course 

Amid high demand, how is Hong Kong setting the ESG mandate to make its thriving data centre market more sustainable? Where and how data centres are being developed? Are there good investment opportunities in Hong Kong? Check out this edition of our Expert Talks.

Data Centres

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Scaling Up In The Green Age 

India’s data centre stock is expected to double by 2025 as investments in this space continue to surge crossing USD10 bn since 2020 amid favorable government policies. A detailed deep dive with insightful research and analysis of India’s data centres, exploring investment models to business opportunities, regulatory and climate action requirements.  

Data Centres Growth 


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Data Centre Market   

As Korea’s data centres market grows over next five years and morphs into an independent asset class, investors expect stable operating income led by increasing demand.

Data Centre Market 

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Plugging Into Data Centre Demand   

Colliers Philippines is seeing a growing interest for data centres. The report takes a closer look at the market dynamics along with challenges and opportunities and what the future data centres landscape looks like in the country.

Data Centre Outlook 

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Explore our success stories and how Colliers is working with clients across Asia Pacific in Industrial and Data Centres space and beyond. 

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For more insights into industrial real estate investment opportunities connect with Michael Bowens – Asia , Gavin Bishop – Australia, Tammy Tang – China, Bill Chan – Hong Kong, Ramaiy Kapoor – India, Yukihiro Ogasawara – Japan, Sungwook Cho – Korea, Greg Goldfinch – New Zealand, Paul Chua – Philippines, Lynus Pook – Singapore, Derek Huang – Taiwan.   


View more of our expert thought leadership here, or visit our research library for past market insights across Asia Pacific.

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Related Experts

Gavin Bishop

Managing Director | Industrial & Logistics


Gavin is the Managing Director of Industrial & Head of Industrial Capital Markets, Australia at Colliers where he has been specialising in industrial property for 23+ years. Based in the Sydney CBD Head Office, Gavin manages a highly successful team of over 120 staff across every state and territory nationally in key industrial and logistics precincts.

Gavin specialises in National Industrial Capital Markets and has excellent relationships across a broad spectrum of institutional, international, and private investors. Over Gavin’s time with Colliers, he has completed hundreds of deals in industrial property, settling over $14 billion in his career to date, and leasing over 400,000sqm. Gavin enjoys a 75% market share of industrial capital markets share in NSW.

Gavin has worked extensively in the sale of industrial portfolios of up to 30 assets in one portfolio. Gavin and his team have sold 24/34 of all industrial portfolios in Australia over the last five years, including the AMP Portfolio ($105m), J.P. Morgan Portfolio ($250m), Altis Portfolio ($342.5m), Qantas Portfolio ($802m) and GIC/Australand Portfolio ($1.073b).

Some major distribution centre sales that Gavin and his team have been involved in over the last two years include, the Calibre, Eastern Creek ($130.1 million), 1 Eucalyptus Place, Eastern Creek ($90.5 million), 3 Roberts Road, Eastern Creek ($253 millions) and 6-20 Clunies Ross Street, Greystanes ($76.6 million).

Gavin has focused on building deep relationships with his clients, providing the latest in-depth information about logistics markets across Australia, which in line with his extensive track record, has seen Gavin achieve record-breaking results for his clients.

Gavin is a long-standing member of the Colliers team, having joined in 2000 as a graduate valuer. Gavin commenced with Colliers as part of their Scholarship Program and he was fortunate to work across multiple service lines and locations across Sydney, before settling in the Industrial team in Sydney South in 2001. Over the last 20 years, Gavin has progressed through the industrial business including managing the Sydney South and Sydney South-West offices, before moving into the NSW State Product Director for Industrial in 2010.

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