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Employment and Demand in the Industrial Sector

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Beyond the Headline Figures

The typical methodology frequently used to project industrial floorspace demand has been to look at the change in the 'headline' employment figures of those industry sectors that traditionally occupy industrial zoned land (i.e. Manufacturing, Wholesale, Trade, and Transport, Postal and Warehousing). However, the questions needs to be raised - Is this the most accurate method of forecasting demand for industrial space where historically there has been an inverse relationship between the headline employment in manufacturing (decreasing) and the demand/net absorption for industrial floorspace (increasing)?

This paper highlights the following:

  • The headline ABS employment trend figures for the traditional industry sectors occupying industrial zoned land
  • The sub-industry sectors that have experienced growth within the overall declining Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade Industries
  • The need to look at a basket of employment industries that could potentially occupy industrial zoned land/be a part of an industrial business
  • The implication for industrial space going forward, with respect to new (retail) entrants into then Australian market

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Employment and Demand in the Industrial Sector

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Over his 27-year career with Colliers, Malcom has had the opportunity to build and grow a number of successful teams. Prior to his current role, he led the NSW business along with the national Industrial business for 15 years. In 2005, Malcom joined the National Executive where the leadership group has steered our business to achieve incredible growth and reinforced our market-leading culture. Our business stability and continuity continue to attract market leaders, empowering them to think and act differently to drive exceptional results.  

Colliers has an enterprising culture which underpins our strategy for success. The business has won multiple accolades as a Best Employer and best in class in many service arenas. We appreciate the loyalty of our people and our clients and we thrive on collaborating to create enterprising solutions that exceed expectations. 

Within Australia, Malcom has had the benefit of working with a highly regarded leadership team, including John Marasco and Simon Hunt, who are focussed on maximising the potential of property for our clients, through delivering enterprising solutions as we work through the market conditions of 2021. By keeping aligned to our values of being enterprising to exceed expectations and collaborating to drive exceptional results, Colliers are well positioned in 2021 to maximise the potential of property and to be a part of leading our industry into the future, not only in Australia but right across the Asia Pacific region. 

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