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Debt Advisory

Our team of Debt Advisory experts develop bespoke funding solutions, connecting investors with debt capital sources across all major markets.


Maximise the value from your real estate investments

Access to the most competitive and well-structured debt is a powerful point of difference Colliers International offers our clients. Our real estate finance specialists source domestic and global debt to ensure our clients are offered the broadest range of options and most innovative solutions to their debt requirements. Our specialist banking team provide expert advice across all forms of funding including acquisition, refinancing, repositioning, development, investment, across office, retail, industrial residential, hotels, student accommodation and healthcare.

Our Services

The Australian debt finance market continues to attract new lenders and adjust to an increasing degree of regulatory oversight. As a result, access to reliable acquisition finance is becoming more critical to the winning of bids and minimising settlement risk for buyers and sellers of real estate.

With more then 35 years of banking experience, our Debt Advisory team are the experts at sourcing the best debt terms for acquisitions. We target qualified lenders within our extensive network that we know will deliver and this is evidenced by our track record – 100% of the acquisition financings arranged by Colliers Debt Advisory have achieved settlement within the required timeframe.

Much of our capital network is agnostic to where it sits in the capital stack. If the investment makes sense – be it as equity or via a debt instrument – it makes sense.

For clients with a core focus and expertise in day-to-day real estate investing, developing and managing but require that extra capital injection to grow, our team has a proven track record in pairing private and institutional capital with compatible managers and joint venture partners.

With an inverted yield curve and historically low interest rates, our Debt Advisory team is a strong advocate for routine debt ‘health checks’ being conducted to make sure you have the best financing in place at any point in the cycle.

We specialise in benchmarking your financing arrangements against what is achievable in the current debt market to see that your investment objectives are being achieved and to maximise the potential of your property. Our experience enables us to identify hidden value traps in financing agreements. Be it in covenants, pricing, hedging, break costs or other ‘below-the-line’ items, all critical terms and conditions are reviewed and, if appropriate, contested, to achieve the best outcome.

In addition to diversifying financier relationships, we have achieved annual interest cost savings for our clients in excess of 20% through refinances.

The withdrawal of traditional banks from development funding has seen the market open up significantly for alternative lenders. Countless domestic and offshore private funds, super funds, listed funds, family offices, investment banks and other managers and institutions are now well established and operating in this space and the value proposition for each lender is slightly different. 

If you’re a developer of real estate, we believe your lenders should truly be capital partners and, thus, chosen carefully.  Be it reputation, track record, price, pre-commitment hurdles, leverage, covenants or security requirements, our team is committed to procuring development funding from the best partner, on the best terms for your project.

Assets to be repositioned often face a period of limited to no income generation, with capital to be invested in advance of value being realised. In the absence of recourse and a very conservative gearing level, traditional banks are seldom there to fund these types of deals, even where the fundamentals stack up. However, alternative lenders are open for business when it comes to financing value-add opportunities.

Key to getting these financing deals across the line is the quality of underwrite. We are expert at driving optimal financing outcomes by leveraging the full spectrum of real estate expertise within Colliers. We endeavour to truly understand an asset, arming us with the knowledge to address perceived funding risks, structure around them and position financing opportunities in the best possible light.

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