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Providing a full range of surveying solutions

Our experts advise clients on all matters related to land subdivision, strata & stratum as well as details and topographical surveying.

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Our expertise is across a range of surveying capabilities and we leverage the best technology to undertake surveys in difficult sites where a conventional surveys are too slow or inaccurate.

We specialise in a range of surveying services. 

  • Land Subdivision
  • dblue_SS_Developer Services
    Detail & Topographic
  • Strata & Stratum

Our experts are well known for our surveying services and can undertake the full range of surveys including urban, strata, stratum, commercial and rural development. Our expertise includes infrastructure works, disposal of surplus lands, closing of unnecessary roads, property acquisitions and the redefinition of creek boundaries. We are equipped with the latest surveying technology including Robotic Surveying Instruments, GPS, Laser Scanning and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).



  • Residential and Rural Land Subdivision
  • Community Subdivision and Titling
  • Staged Titling
  • Digital Survey Plans (ePlan and LandXML)
  • Road Closures and Dedications
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Work-as-Executed Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys or Detail Surveys
  • UAV Surveys
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Hydrographic Surveys
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Our capabilities in urban development provide our clients with the support and experience to undertake complicated mixed used titling projects. These projects include stratum subdivision, strata titling and community titling.

We possess the expertise to advise clients on all matters related to urban development including; gross floor area surveys, titling structure including staging advice, management statements to support mixed use titling, obtaining planning consent and subdivision consent and lettable area surveys. We leverage the best technology including terrestrial laser scanning to undertake surveys in difficult sites where a conventional surveys are too slow or inaccurate.



  • Stratum Subdivision
  • Strata Titling
  • Community Titling
  • Lettable Area Surveys (Property Council of Australia)
  • Employing Revit & BIM
  • Models to establish 3d boundaries
  • Strata and Stratum
  • Subdivision Legislation
  • Structured Titling Projects
  • Strata and Community
  • Management Statements
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As part of our range of surveying capabilities, we offer UAV Drone surveys, 3D data capture and detail surveys. We understand the importance of accurate and reliable modelling of existing conditions for planning, design and construction. Our experience working in complex urban centres, heritage buildings and precincts, commercial and industrial developments and extensive rural holdings allows us to set up clients and their consultants for a successful project.




  • Complex Urban Centres
  • Heritage Buildings and Precincts
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Precincts
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Rural Land Holdings
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Revit & BIM Models
  • Aerial, Terrestrial and Mobile
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • UAV Surveys
  • Lettable Area Surveys (Property Council of Australia)
  • Gross Floor Area Surveys (GFA)
  • Work-as-Executed Surveys
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)
  • Utility Service Location and Mapping
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Surveying Projects

Castle 554  310 px

Castle Residences, Sydney

Client: United Developments Australia
View project
554 x 310 Caboolture

Caboolture West – NDP1

Client: Caboolture West Land Owners Group
View project
Emerald 554x310

Emerald Hills Estate, Leppington

Client: Macarthur Developments
View project
554 x 310 morayfield

Morayfield South

Client: Ausbuild and Cedar Woods Properties
View project
Denham 554  310 px

Denham Court Road, Leppington

Client: Stockland
View project
Lynden 554  310 px

Lynden View & Sanctuary View Estates, West Dapto

Client: BluePrint Developments & NewQuest Property
View project
Clydesdale 534x310

Clydesdale Estate, Marsden Park

Client: BHL Property & Stockland
View project
The Ponds 554  310 px

The Ponds, Northwest Sydney

Client: Landcom
View project
Carmel 554  310 px

The Hills of Carmel, Box Hill

Client: Daiwa Group
View project

Elara, Marsden Park

Client: Stockland
View project
Akuna 554  310 px

Akuna Vista, Schofields

Client: Defensive Housing Australia (DHA)
View project

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