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Logistics & Supply Chain Consulting

Shaping tomorrow’s end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions

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Our approach

Under our strategic partnership with Pollen Consulting Group, we bring together industry leaders, with very different but related expertise, to deliver a complete end-to-end supply chain & logistics solution for industrial occupiers. Our Colliers and Pollen Consulting Group collaboration enables clients to grow a business profitably through delivering better customer service, as well as lowering capital and operating costs

We provide critical planning and implementation expertise to deliver a top performing, resilient, cost-effective network of capabilities and assets. Our experienced team are committed to helping you accelerate your success by maximising value and making informed decisions about your operations. We offer our clients Logistics and Supply chain consulting service across Australia and New Zealand.

Core services

Location Selection

Gain a competitive advantage by positioning your facilities to streamline your supply chain.Our team uses an advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) to determine site positioning options and we assess which locations can meet your site selection and operating criteria. With strong functional knowledge, our team can help you navigate the intricacies of location selection including:
  • Operational feasibility
  • Freight implications
  • Customer serviceability
  • Net cost estimate

Network Strategy & Optimisation

Ensure your company minimises capital and operating expenses without compromising customer service. Our experienced team assist in determining how many and where your facilities should be located. This is particularly important for organisations involved in merger, acquisition, divestiture activity, or simply if your business has changed due to market forces.Our structured methodologies, analytical support and systems recommend:
  • Whether your organisation has too many facilities
  • Whether they are positioned in the right areas
  • Whether there is sufficient capacity to meet future demand

Warehouse Solution Design

Optimise floor space and flow of material and resources for your Greenfield and Brownfield sites. Our team will design an option based matrix of alternate facility layouts and flows for evaluation of cost and suitability for your business.
The key considerations for facility design include:
  • Purpose – high velocity flow-through or long-term storage
  • Functions and volumes – handling requirements, product quantities and attributes
  • Technology and systems – equipment selection, automation options
We utilise innovative technology, such as warehouse animation, to ensure you have the most comprehensive understanding possible of the facility.

Automation Selection

Increase productivity and reduce resource and footprint requirements within your facility. Automation has the ability to significantly improve business operations, however if selected or deployed poorly, automation investments can impact on the balance sheet without producing the payback required.Colliers works closely with leading automation providers to ensure that specification, selection and deployment of automation solutions are designed and deployed in conjunction with the facility engineering specification and design. Our experts perform fit-for-purpose evaluation automation options, such as:- High-bay storage and Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)- Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)- Goods-To-Person and Robotics

Cost-To-Serve Optimisation

High logistics costs indicate inefficiency and waste. Our research shows that an efficient organisation has logistics costs below 10% of the total cost of sales. By performing a deep dive analysis into an organisations operating costs, our team can identify key improvement opportunities and provide a baseline for supply chain strategy development.
Outcomes from cost-to-serve optimisation may involve:
  • Rationalisation of supply, range or segmentation,
  • New capabilities for channel fulfillment and reverse logistics
  • Transition to third party logistics (3PL)

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