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Fast, flexible, customised insights to accelerate your success.


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Our team advises you on how to access, interpret and integrate data using powerful technology for your business and commercial real estate portfolio.

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Colliers360 is a user-friendly, flexible, and fast platform that deploys powerful solutions for your commercial real estate portfolio. Through our responsive mobile app, we provide in-depth portfolio analyses that help you sift through the noise, allowing you to access data daily. This helps you identify opportunities to make meaningful change.

Our business intelligence system is built on a non-proprietary engine, taking a unique approach. Our clients can independently maintain and use the data platform on an ongoing basis, if desired. 


Colliers360 simplifies your data challenges and provides innovative solutions catered to your specific needs. It allows you to access key information needed daily to run your business and manage transactions, while providing valuable portfolio and location analytics.

Our platform aggregates unlimited data sources into one centralised portal that enables you to make strategic decisions for your business in real-time, on any digital device. Colliers360 offers enhanced customisation capabilities and is continuously optimised to improve each client’s experience.

Ask our experts how we incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into real estate portfolio planning to provide cutting-edge business insights and drive your locational decisions. Also, discover how quickly we can utilise existing data and integrate that information into our flexible and customised technology solutions.


Colliers360 team sites are secure, web-based portals that allow for stronger collaboration, discussion, and document and workflow management. This functionality enables our team of experts and clients to stay connected in an organised and centralised platform.

Key functionalities include:

  • Collaboration and communication
  • Document management
  • Team discussions
  • Workflow management

Workplace Expert

Workplace Expert is a global online tool to help businesses take the first steps in shaping their future workplace strategy.

Based on responses to questions about your company's goals, working patterns and drivers behind your brand and operating culture, Workplace Expert recommends different office environments and potential configurations specific to your business needs. 

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OfficeExpert is a Colliers developed online tenant advisory tool designed to critically evaluate leasing opportunities against defined criteria on behalf of our clients.
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Smart Flex_Side By Side


The Colliers SmartFlex application provides a comprehensive database of flex space options across 90 global markets, with an innovative workflow manager that enables our experts to seamlessly facilitate client requests and find them the best flexible workspace on the market - enhancing our Tenant Advisory services in this fast-growth market sector.
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