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Office Leasing Toowoomba

Colliers Toowoomba is the renowned market leader in Office Leasing solutions. We focus on maximising the potential of your property by leveraging a broad range of services to deliver enterprising solutions.

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Identify hidden value and discover new opportunities

With a team continually working hard to foster and maintain a comprehensive network of owners, occupiers, consultants and other influencers to accelerate your success – if you have an office for lease - Colliers Toowoomba have the market covered. We partner with our clients by providing knowledgable advice and guidance.


Be it new developments, refurbishment projects, repositioning of assets, government pre-commitments, sustainability, commercial trends and tenant decision-drivers.


We develop innovative marketing to lease your office space in the shortest possible time while delivering the best possible terms.

Competitor & Lease Analysis Toowoomba

Our Office Leasing team at Colliers Toowoomba has the expertise to provide you with the facts on the current market trends, competitors and financial returns. 


We can identify any potential building works that could be undertaken to influence a tenants' decision to move or ideally stay. 
Our comprehensive resources allow us to provide comparisons between the lease details of assets to competing assets in the market and understand what financial propositions could be affecting a tenants decision.


All of this and more combine to deliver the Colliers Toowoomba difference our clients embrace.

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Asset Positioning & Precinct Strategies Toowoomba

In today's market, our team at Colliers Toowoomba are doing more work with clients on asset positioning and precinct strategies to align their buildings for the future tenant and their workplace. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge and understanding of what tenants want in a future workplace and how the precinct needs to compliment those demands. Office Leasing is now more about the 'place' rather than just leasing a 'space' for a business.
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Pre-commitment & Pre-leasing Toowoomba

It's not by chance that our specialised team here at Colliers Toowoomba have worked with some of the largest developers to help accelerate their business success. Our experts have the local, state, national and international experience, knowledge and exposure to the markets you need to help successfully pre-commit your asset or complete the pre-leasing.
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Latest Research

Make informed decisions. Read the latest property reports, get essential market trends and projections.

5 May 2021

Metro Office H1 2021 Research & Forecast Report

The report provides an overview on the performance of each Metro office market while also covering key themes, including; Decentralisation and hub-and-spoke, relocation drivers, SME deal activity and Metro market investment activity.
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21 Apr 2021

Office Middle Markets Report Q1 2021

There were 17 transactions which took place in Quarter One 2021, 15% down year on year. Positively, the average sale price of assets transacted increased across both CBD ($40.1m,17%) and Metro Markets ($29.1m,16%), despite total sales volumes falling by 16%.
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