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Week seven

Week seven of The Office Horizon is now available for you to read.
16 Oct 2019

Valuation considerations in the Sydney CBD market

The Australian investment market remains appealing on a global scale due to the attractive returns and overall transparency of the market when compared to our global peers such as London, Hong Kong and Singapore.
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16 Oct 2019

Movement in the metro middle markets

Traditionally the Metro Middle Markets were defined as modest office assets between $20-40 million, however due to significant net effective rental growth and yield compression, they can now capture a price point anywhere between $20 to $100 million, making them a very attractive option for savvy investors.
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16 Oct 2019

Supercharge your investment with a collaborative approach to property management

Maximising revenue is important, and equally vital is a collaborative approach. With average yields currently below 6%, every $1 of additional revenue you can bring in to your asset adds $17 to the valuation of the asset. We approach managing your asset by gaining a deep understanding of your investment drivers and the market dynamics that can influence your decisions.
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