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Week two

Welcome to the second week of The Office Horizon, read our three feature thought leadership articles below.
16 Oct 2019

What could demand look like over the next five years?

Understanding supply and demand fundamentals in our key office markets is crucial to understanding growth in income potential, as well as relative value of office assets into the future. In the short term, we can look at new supply, pre-commitment deals, treatment of backfill space and withdrawal activity to help inform the supply, demand and vacancy outlook.
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16 Oct 2019

‘Amenitisation’ will be Australia’s biggest flexible workspace trend - 2019 APAC Flexible Space Report

Amenitisation will continue to be one of the key trends in flexible workspace across the Asia Pacific region, with Australia at the forefront. Our recently released Flexible Workspace Outlook Report 2019 for APAC maintains that commercial offices will begin to layer up with occupier-focused amenities that elevate the experience of the end user, allowing for greater flexibility and choice, a trend we refer to as Amenitisation.
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16 Oct 2019

Sydney CBD's planning changes and the impact on office values

Commercial office space is seen as the heartbeat of Sydney CBD and pivotal to its status as Australia’s most productive and strategically important employment center, generating over $108 billion of economic activity annually.
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