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Week one

The first week of The Office Horizon has launched! View our three feature articles for week one below.
16 Oct 2019

The rise of suburban business parks

An interview by Sam Biggins | Director, Queensland, Investment Services from Colliers International with Paul Huston from Alceon
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16 Oct 2019

Technology enabling flexible office working

Recognising the mutual benefits of flexible working arrangements, employers today are offering their employees greater choice in how, when and where work is performed. Today’s workers, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, can be productive from any location using any device, and no longer want to be constrained by legacy IT infrastructure or fixed workplaces.
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16 Oct 2019

An employee-centric approach to office relocation

Expansion, right-sizing, supply chain optimisation and embracing new ways of work are among some of the reasons an organisation may decide or need to relocate. While the financial impacts of office relocation are often well considered, as part of the decision-making process, impacts on employees are somewhat less understood.
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