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Colliers International Strategic Advisory is pleased to present a 5-Step Strategic Property Playbook to help owners, occupiers, investors and Government property decision makers maximise value and reduce risk. Our experts unpack the most critical issues affecting private organisations and governments and provide a guide on how best to respond to changing market environments and what to consider to create a robust property strategy that ensures success.
In this 5-Step Property Strategy Playbook, we examine how an inward focus assists the development of a robust property strategy, some of the ways in which you can extract greater value and return from your property assets, how spatial analysis and big data analytics can take your strategy to greater heights, an outlook on the emergence of the new business as usual and subsequently how economic development policy and infrastructure can help build economic resilience (a Government perspective).
Our senior advisors trust that you will find value in our insights, backed by an exceptional track record of success and industry experience. You can download the 5-Step Property Strategy Matrix or to find out more about how Strategic Advisory can tailor a strategy for your business, please contact one of our Strategic Advisory Experts today.


Step One

How does the inward focus assist in the development of a robust property strategy?

– David Skerrett

Step One

Step Two

Extracting greater value and return from your property assets

– Andrew Graham

Release date: Fri 8 May 2020

Step Two

Step Three

Spatial Analysis and Big Data Analytics

Mai Trinh

Release date: Tues 12 May 2020

Step Three

Step Four

The emergence of the new business as usual

George Marton

Release date: Thurs 14 May 2020

Step Four

Step Five

Economic Development – Collaboration with the private sector 

Carl Knaggs

Release date: Tues 19 May 2020


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