Same, Same but (Slightly) Different

The last 12 months have seen a particularly tumultuous time in the aged care sector spurred by proposed changes in funding, deregulation of the home and community regime and increasing convergence between residential aged care, retirement living and allied health. The basic premise – the consumer will be increasingly more responsible for their cost of care, but will also have more options to dictate where, when and how they receive care. 

In that context, the market was eagerly awaiting the 1HFY17 financial results from the listed players in order to establish a baseline from which to gauge the impact of the various changes that are influencing operational outcomes. Needless to say, the market reacted in a mixed way.

The following analysis will compare and contrast the key profit and loss drivers together with an overview of the RAD/DAP state of play, balance sheet strength, outlook and summary conclusion. The focus is not on a half on half comparison, but rather an overarching explanation of what is occurring as we speak, and how that may change in the immediate future.

 We hope you enjoy reading our report.
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