Blockchain’s impact on Commercial Real Estate

Tame or Transformational? - Assessing Blockchain’s Commercial Real Estate Impacts in Asia

Barely a decade old, blockchain has become part of the basic vocabulary of many industries. The technology is typically associated with finance, as the platform behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. However, blockchain has been promised to transform everything from farming to online dating.

Real estate is no exception. The authentication and security possibilities opened by blockchain are thought to be of particular relevance to the property industry. Across Asia, there are examples already emerging of the technology being applied in the field. These include startups using blockchain to digitally "break down" and sell real estate assets, as well as full-blown "blockchain hubs" in office towers, in Singapore; new platforms to connect homeowners with financing in China; and tamper-proof land registries in India.

To read our full assessment of blockchain on the commercial real estate industry, click on the link below.

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