Quilpie - solid cash flow from carbon & beef cattle opportunity

Queensland’s 410,000 acre “Quilpie Aggregation” is up for sale offering guaranteed returns  

SLM Partners have appointed Colliers International to market “Quilpie Aggregation”, a real estate backed carbon and beef cattle opportunity.

The offering includes a 10 year Australian Government carbon abatement contract providing present day earning of circa AUD$12 million, and potential income from organic beef which could be about AUD$3.6 million over the total term.

“It is rare to find environmentally ethical projects that have strong cash flow opportunity,” said Trenton Hindman of Colliers International, who is marketing the property with colleagues Rawdon Briggs and Ben Forrest via an international Expressions of Interest campaign.

“The stable income comes from the Commonwealth Government guaranteed 10 year Carbon Abatement contract with an opportunity for further carbon reserves through natural growth beyond the initial contract period.

“This passive investment return is ideal for any metropolitan or regional based investors with the desire for diversification, allowing them to budget from the income stream more reliably.

“The Federal Government has invested AUD$2.55 billion into the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) to purchase Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) from eligible activities with the farm sector being one of the major beneficiaries.

“As recently reported by Australian Farm Institute, carbon is now worth more than AUD$190 million annually for farmers, with the vegetation projects accounting for most emission reduction,” said Mr Hindman.

According to Mr Briggs, aside from the carbon venture, there is also potential organic beef earning as an additional return. “The organic beef industry offers the lessor an income in addition to the 10 year carbon contract term. Based on an average of 1,750 adult equivalent carrying capacity gross income could be approximately AUD$3.6 million over the term.

“This is another great income stream considering Australia’s organic industry is growing at around 15 per cent per annum, with the demand for organic food outstripping supply by up to 40 per cent,” said Mr Briggs.

“Overall this investment opportunity offers a unique fulfilment of the triple bottom line values that encompass economic, social and environmental impact,” said Mr Briggs.

The properties also offers the new owner an opportunity to experience outback Queensland. “Finding time to spend under a constellation of stars with friends, family and associates anywhere on the 410,000 acres that you own can be very memorable.” said Mr Forrest.

The vendor, SLM Partners, is an asset manager that acquires and manages rural land on behalf of European institutional investors. Their mission is to scale up regenerative, ecological farming systems that deliver financial returns and environmental benefits. They have predominantly invested in pastoral interests in Western Queensland and New South Wales.


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