Need to automate?

How to retrofit your existing warehouse with the latest technology.

Written by John Slater, Director | Industrial

The benefits of moving to an automated model in your warehouse is well documented – it allows greater control over your stock, can reduce energy and labour costs and can enable you to obtain greater understanding of exactly what is occurring in your business. But if it is time to make the switch to automation and the process is slightly overwhelming, here are some ideas from two Australian businesses to make the change to automation.

How to retrofit:

A well-known Australian business recently retrofitted their existing warehouse with significant automation technologies designed to optimise their supply chain. Occupying space at the Dexus Drive Estate in Richlands, Queensland, the business wanted to implement automation strategies into their existing warehouse without needing to move. They previously employed a traditional way of moving goods but wanted to gain the efficiencies offered by moving to a more advanced system.

By negotiating an extended lease term at their current premise, they were able to implement a brand-new automation system to assist with the pick and pack process. Implementing this system has had an immediate impact for their efficiencies, meaning less room for error and overall improved knowledge of their current stock on hand.  

The location in Richlands meant the connectivity around Brisbane was excellent, and combining with the ability to customise the industrial space to meet the needs of the business proved significant for the occupier.

Case study: Catch of The Day

Catch of the Day are an online e-commerce retailer who invested significantly in automotive technologies when their business was struggling to cope under the weight of over 6,000 orders a day. They have since increased their capacity to over 25,000 orders a day thanks to their innovative system. 

They invested $20m in a state of the art Swiss warehouse automation technology at their warehouse in Truganina, called AutoStore. The system relies on bins stacked right next to each other instead of traditional aisles allowing for 4x the inventory capacity in the same warehouse. 

Catch of the Day’s decision to retrofit their warehouse with this technology is a significant investment, however has enabled them to vastly increase their capacity and service their customers more efficiently.

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