The 5 shifts companies must make in the next 5 years

The global workplace trends your company should implement in the lead up to 2022.

Colliers International has released its Global Workplace Trends report, ‘5 Shifts Companies Must Make in the Next 5 Years’, which identifies the strategies companies will need to implement to remain competitive and attract the best talent.

In 2017, companies around the world will spend billions of dollars on their workplaces. But now, more than ever, they must challenge themselves to break old spending habits.

“The workplace has changed rapidly over the last decade. Today, there are high expectations from not only clients, but employees alike, on what the workplace should deliver,” said Doug Henry, Managing Director of Occupier Services in Australia.

“Organisations who don’t meet this new benchmark face various risks, ranging from attraction and retention of talent through to underutilisation of space and financial implications.

“Your workplace is an extension of your brand, organisation and values. The workplace is an increasingly valuable tool in your business strategy.”

Colliers Workplace Strategy experts from around the world collaborated for almost a year to develop this report, which takes into consideration global best practice. The report draws on various global case studies, in particular Europe where the Netherlands has a reputation for leading the way with innovations in workplace strategy and design.

The 5 shifts identified include:

1. Make employee experience a core part of the business strategy

2. Build the ‘Internet of Workplace'

3. Create a workplace that makes people healthier

4. Ingrain the co-working mentality in real estate strategy

5. Enable the agile organisation

Peter Black, National Director of Workplace Strategy & Design at Colliers International in Australia was instrumental in developing this report.

“From a global perspective, Australia is an early adopter of the latest global trends in workplace”.

“We’re continually seeing the needs of the workplace change and new workplace developments emerge globally. Particularly in the Netherlands where Amsterdam is leading the way in best practice workplaces.

“On a recent visit to Barcelona we heard about the ING workplace in Amsterdam, a workplace that is leading the way in the financial sector globally. Since mid-2015, the Dutch banking group ING has been shifting from its traditional ways of working to an “agile” model. Agile working methodologies have been used by tech firms for a long time, however ING are one of the first “traditional” businesses to move to this way of working. They did this to respond quickly to changing customer behaviours and the use of new digital distribution channels.

“ING holds site tours for members in the C-suite of other organisations to learn from this best practice. We understand a number of high profile Australian companies have been through to look at how they can implement these strategies within their offices in Australia.”

“Unsurprisingly some of the shifts are centrered around topics we are hearing about quite often, for example wellness related changes in the workplace.

“However, we’ve identified the need to integrate topics like ‘The Internet of Workplace’, co-working and agility into real estate and business strategies to remain competitive and attractive to both clients and employees.”

Read the report here.

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